Now that it's October, we can really get into the spirit of the season, right? I found out today about something pretty fun that the Downtown Billings Alliance (the DBA) is hosting. It's their inaugural Downtown Upcycle Scarecrow Contest and I simply love this idea.

The premise of the contest is that you make a scarecrow out of recycled or repurposed materials and submit it for judging/voting. So, basically a scarecrow made out of junk! Fun. Since we're probably not going to do door-to-door, neighborhood trick-or-treating this year because of COVID-19, my wife has been looking for other fun ideas that the kids can be a part of. I think a homemade, recycled scarecrow would be a great project for the fam.

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The contest is free to enter and is open to anyone, including churches, schools, non-profits, businesses, etc. There are some rules and guidelines.

  1. Scarecrows must be made of AT LEAST 80% recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials. Any glue, nails or other materials used to make your junky scarecrow can account for 20% of the new materials.
  2. Scarecrows must be between 4 and 6 feet tall and must be able to stand on their own. They should also be sturdy enough to handle being moved from the DBA office to a public viewing location, TBD.
  3. No offensive, adult or bloody/gruesome entries will be accepted. It's got to be family friendly and no political or religious themes are allowed. Keep them clean.
  4. Grand prize is $200 cash and two runner-ups will also win $100 each.

See full contest rules and download the entry form HERE then get to work on your recycled scarecrow. Entries must be received on Oct 21st or 22nd at the DBA office and there will be a week of in-person and online voting leading up to the finale and winner announcement on Oct 29th.

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