I hear from people who are frustrated with many aspects of our society. But the one that seems to come up the most is when someone gets a fourth, fifth, even sixth DUI.

I don't know when the state Legislature is going to do something to prevent these people from ever driving again, but it's certainly past time for it.

I've always said that ANYONE could get ONE DUI. Most people don't have any idea what their particular tolerance to booze is. Is it two glasses of wine? Is it three light beers? I'll bet you'd be surprised at what your tolerance level is if you let someone test you after even a couple drinks.

So hypothetically, let's say that you are just a regular citizen who gets pulled over after three beers. It turns out that you are over the limit, you get arrested, go to jail, you make a deal and you have to go to "drunk driving school."

The fine for first timers is roughly $ 600. Hopefully you now know that you can't drink Three beers and drive anymore. So, you have learned your lesson and never drink and drive again.

But, not everybody thinks like that.

So, if you choose to tempt fate and drink and drive again, let's make the fine for the second offense $10,000. Sound unreasonable? You bet it is.

But, it would do two things. One. It would cut the number of second-time offenders dramatically. And, secondly, it would bring in some much-needed cash to a system that is screaming for new jails and more officers.

Let's let some of the criminals help pay the bills that crime causes.