Halloween is about a month away and that means lots of people are ordering costumes online or searching the local stores for that perfect costume. While "sexy" costumes are not a new thing (and I certainly don't have an issue with ladies wearing something scandalous on Halloween) it seems like this year retailers are stepping up their game with outlandish outfits that are supposed to be sexy. Like the Mr. Rogers outfit from Yandy.com. Sure, the short shorts are cute, but who in their right mind ever considered Mr.Rogers sexy?

Here's another one from the folks at Yandy.com, the sexy, meatless, Beyond Burger:

Credit: Yandy.com

Okay. No. That's just plain dumb. It's not really very sexy, and if you lose the hat part that says "meatless", I'm not sure people will have any clue what you are supposed to be.

Keeping with the trend of dumb sexy food outfits, how about this gem from Halloween Costumes.com, the sexy taco:

Credit: HalloweenCostumes.com

Sure, the sexual innuendo is moderately funny. Other than that, there is very little that is sexy about this outfit. The only taco's that are sexy on Halloween are the ones you'll get at the Taco Bell drive-through when the bar closes.

Here's  another one from HallloweenCostumes.com that misses the mark, the Sexy Pinata:

Credit: HalloweenCostumes.com

I'm sorry, you're a what? A sexy pinata? Um, no. You look like some sort of mythical rainbow creature. Not sexy and just plain dumb.