So excited for this show next week. Even if Elton John isn't your favorite, I'm sure the musicians on stage with him are going to be at the top of their game. It's going to be a do-not-miss show.

Top 5 Elton John songs, this is not easy.  I think it depends on the era in which you grew up.  This man has had so many hits that have spanned so many decades.

What would your Top five be?  I can take it, post below.  Hope to see you at the show.

  • 1

    Tiny Dancer

    I don't know about you, but after seeing 'Almost Famous' that's what I think about when I hear this.

  • 2

    Bitch is Back

    Attitude!  A musician without attitude is nothing.

  • 3

    Your Song

    This song has always given me chills.  Some of the best lyrics ever written, in my opinion, anyway.

  • 4

    I'm Still Standing

    Don't get me wrong, candle in the wind is great but you won't find that on this list.  From "Too Low For Zero," the whole album is great but this is my favorite track off of it.

  • 5

    Crocodile Rock

    Maybe this should have been higher on the list.  But there was no way it couldn't make the list.