So, today I talked my co-worker into the Halloween Whopper from Burger King.  Let's keep in mind he didn't want it.  It took some slick talking on my part.

We get there, are in line, order our burgers and when we get the window to pay, they tell us they are out of the Black Buns.  What?  But I thought that's what made a Halloween Whopper a Halloween Whopper.

Here are my top five disappointment songs today and a pic of my sad, Un-Halloween Whopper.

  • 1

    Bob Dylan - Nothing Was Delivered

    Come on, how can you sell it without the black bun?

  • 2

    The Who -We Won't Get Fooled Again

    Next time I'm going to make sure they got the black buns before I order.

  • 3

    Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine

    OK, so minus not having the black bun, it was a good burger.

  • 4

    Moody Blues - Question

    You should always question everything.  Why didn't I ask what happened to the black buns?

  • 5

    Yes - Circus Of Heaven

    It's probably a good thing I didn't get to try the black bun.  I'm pouting now but I'll feel good tomorrow.  First trip to the bathroom just won't be as exciting.

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