May was a rough month for Montanans. We lost our favorite piano gal, Piano Pat, of the Sip n' Dip tiki lounge in Great Falls, and then one of the most famous bars in the state, the M&M Bar and Cafe in Butte suffered a fire. According to locals in Butte, the roof was completely burned out, and the inside of the establishment totally gutted by the fire.

I think most of us assumed that was it for the M&M, but the Butte community, and fans from around the world, weren't having it.  With the help of 5518 Designs, a shirt was designed to start a fundraiser, and as I mentioned, people from all over the world ordered one.

Last night Butte held their Music on Main event and the 5518 crew was able to present a check for $70,003.50 to Selina, the owner of the M&M, for the rebuilding efforts. SEVENTY GRAND! That's pretty incredible. In a Facebook post the design company shared, "We know it will take much more to bring the M&M back, but with your generosity, we can continue taking steps toward that goal. Thank you to everyone far and wide who have supported the M&M with these purchases."

They have actually replenished their supply of gear to support the bar and cafe, and 100% of the proceeds will continue to be used for the rebuild. Naturally, the hoodies and the shirts are green, and we love the logo! Order your own here. We weren't aware of 5518 Designs prior to this fundraiser, but they have some really rad Montana-tastic stuff, check out their full website here.

Congrats to Selina, her supporters, friends, and family! What an inspiring Montana story, Butte is such a truly special place.

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