Ya know how great an old pair of shoes feels? Or, maybe your favorite shirt from years ago?

Well, I'm here to tell you how you can keep your old favorite jeans forever. I found these gals up on Grand Avenue that can fix the holes in your pants forever. I just love these gals!

Ranae and Deb are the one's that I know and Deb does her magic on my jeans when I need to sew them up so my wife don't throw them away. From belt loops to holes to zippers, my gals can do it all.

So, if you got a pair of jeans you're trying to save from your wife and the garbagem check out Ranae's Alterations And More at 1938 Grand Ave. next door to the Bike Shop.

P.S. They do dresses and all the regular sewing, too. And all the young gals like to check out them patches!

Aint Life Grand!!