This just in: women can be sports fans, too.

Megan Brown, 28, got pretty steamed when a man she met was surprised when she said she liked baseball, so she proved her point to him in a text rife with puns.

Brown appears to have spoken for the entire gender because the tweet she crafted explaining what she did garnered more than 12,000 likes.

Brown certainly put the man in his place (and he may be interested in knowing dogs like baseball, too). "This guy was someone I met off of a dating app, we had started texting and he asked me that question," Brown told Uproxx. It seemed pretty condescending plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting. Instead of responding with the teams (first instinct) or ignoring, I decided to have a little fun."

We'd say the whole matter probably left the guy more than just a little Reds-faced. That's what'll happen when you mess with someone who can be a Royals-smartass. He should probably try and find himself another Phillie.

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