It hit me last weekend, when I had my first "oh crap, I'm becoming an old man" moment. Maybe not necessarily an old man, but more like "I'm becoming my dad."

Here's how it went down. I'm getting ready to do some work on my motorcycle. I've been putting it off because I don't have a garage and don't really want to start tearing into the motor when it's been raining every afternoon. So, I figured in the meantime, now would be a good time to organize my tools and toolbox.

Yep. I literally spent over two leisurely hours dumping everything out of the toolbox and wiping everything down, organizing all the sockets, throwing away broken tools and even starting a random bolts and screws jar. True old man stuff.  I'm not wearing knee-high socks with Jesus sandals. Yet. I'm sure that's next. Right after I start sharpening my own lawnmower blades and really worrying about my lawn.

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