According to a new survey, Five Guys is the number one quick service restaurant in the land.

Market research company Market Force asked 4,500 diners which of America’s 55 highest grossing fast restaurant chains was their favorite. Then, it adjusted those results by number of stores. For example, Chick fil-A actually got the most raw votes, but since it has twice as many branches as Five Guys, there are presumably many more people who have been to a Chick fil-A than have been to a Five Guys.

Five Guys got 7.2 percent of the adjusted total, followed by West Coast favorite In and Out, with 5.9 percent, Chick fil-A, with 4.1 percent, and Panera Bread, which got an even four percent.

The biggest chains didn’t fair particular well in the survey: Burger King and Subway garnered just point-one percent of the vote, while McDonalds was barely ahead with point-three percent.

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