It looks so cool out of the window of an airplane.  This is a picture I took heading down to St. Louis to pick up my son.  It looked like snow cover on a cold Montana day, but was in fact, the cloud cover above St. Louis.  When we dropped through the cloud cover and landed int St. Louis, it was cold and rainy.  I have always enjoyed flying but my plane ride home from this trip was a bit rocky.  I left Denver on Friday at about 11 am.  We had to wait for a "substitute" pilot.  When we got in the air, the captain told us we might have some turbulence.  Turns out it was an all-out rock and roll, dip and dive air show.  The captain came back on to tell us that we were headed back to Denver because of "mechanical" problems.  Four hours later, I get on a different plane to come back to Billings only to run into the storm we had on Friday afternoon. Plane goes left, right, up, down.  I guess the best news is I got home safe with my son. I don't know if I will have to rethink this air travel thing and just drive or go by train.

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