That's right, it's a new law in Utah.  "Free Range Parenting" is a new law in Utah that prevents parents from being prosecuted for allowing kids to roam on their own.  Think about that while I tell you another news story.  In 2015, a Maryland couple was investigated by child welfare authorities when they allowed their then 10 and 6 year old kids to walk home alone from a park.  Now I realize that there is a difference between New York City and say Columbus, MT or Billings for that matter.  I'm all for keeping kids safe, but I also believe in letting kids be kids and explore.  When I was 12 I was kicked off the school bus for a week for doing some stupid 12 year old thing.  I had to walk to school.  I lived in Casa Village on 24th street west and went to school at Riverside.  I also sold donuts downtown during the summer and road the city bus, by myself, pushed my spudnut donut cart around downtown Billings all morning, by myself and then road the bus back to Casa Village.  I guess my mom was ahead of her time!

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