Maybe you are making the looooong trip to Fargo this weekend to cheer on the Bobcats as they take on NDSU. Everyone loves North Dakota jokes, but what else is there to know about North Dakota's largest city? Besides that it floods every single spring and that it is sort of close to Minneapolis? It wasn't easy, but I found some fun facts about Fargo.

  • During the 1880's Fargo was the "divorce capitol of the midwest" due to its easy divorce laws.
  • The Fargodome opened in 1992 and Guns N Roses was it's first major concert in 1993.
  • Each year the city of Fargo plants 2100 boulevard trees.
  • None of the 1996 movie Fargo was shot on location in or near Fargo.
  • The Electric Company had a character named Fargo North, Decoder. He was a detective type character who solved puzzles.
  • In 2008, Fargo, North Dakota, hosted the largest pancake feed in the world, serving up 34,818 pancakes.
  • Famous people from Fargo include: Ari Shapiro (NPR host), guitarist and blues singer Johnny Lang, 60's singer Bobby Vee, baseball legend Roger Maris and Carson Wentz, QB for the Eagles.

There ya have it. The only fun facts I could find for Fargo. You betcha. Go Bobcats!!!


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