Let’s reach outside the boundaries of the United States for today’s ‘Crush of the Day.’

The lovely Gail Porter was born in Scotland and pursued a career in acting at an early age, hosting a number of children’s programs. In the 1990s, she realized that she had a totally awesome body (it might have been pointed out to her by a couple million people) and started posing for FHM and other popular men’s mags. Her pictures were so popular that they were actually projected to giant sizes onto the exterior of the House of Parliament as part of a publicity stunt.

In 2005, Porter was diagnosed with alopecia, a genetic disease that causes all of the hair on your body to fall out. Unlike many other sufferers who opt to wear wigs, Gail Porter embraced her new smooth appearance, working to raise awareness of the bizarre condition. You have to give props to a girl who’s willing to show her dome to help the world.