This week’s episode of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ — airing July 2 and titled ‘Baby On Board?’ — starts out in therapy, with Dr. Wexler coming to the obvious and apparent conclusion that Gene does not want to adopt a child, a fact he has not shared with his eager-to-adopt-wife Shannon.

The Kiss frontman and his son Nick then talk over how to break the news to Shannon, with the younger insisting that Gene must speak up sooner rather than later. That night, Gene finally confronts Shannon about the adoption, saying, “I really think it’s a bad idea.”

She’s angry, feeling her new husband merely placated her during the entire process, knowing his mind would never change. No one seems to see the situation her way. She wishes Gene would have spoken up earlier. The next day, Shannon administers the silent treatment towards Gene and goes to her sister Tracy’s to vent.

At Dr. Wexler’s, Gene decides he’d rather not lose Shannon again. Therefore, he invites the adoption agency social worker over and has another interview, which goes seemingly well. In it, he admits his inability to keep an open eye limits him from a certain amount of happiness. However, Shannon feels Gene’s change of heart along with the action of inviting the social worker over are both not pure.

Shannon then gets a call from the adoption agency director regarding a couple of children who are a perfect fit for their family. However, a problem lies in the fact that there are documents missing and the agency has yet to speak with their daughter, Sophie.

Shannon is now unsure whether or not she still wants to adopt. She and Dr. Wexler discuss the issue. Later on, with the family together, Shannon tells Nick and Sophie that she and Gene have come to the conclusion that the adoption is a bad idea. She does not want to sacrifice her current family.

Next week’s episode focuses on Gene’s reaction to Sophie being in a calendar and revealing a little too much.