Allright, I know what your first question is gonna be: "this is about a Navy Ball, so why did you use a picture from the Army?"

Did you watch the movie Battleship with pop music star Rhianna? In the movie, you may recall an incredible wounded warrior wearing an Army t-shirt. He's a real life wounded warrior and Army Colonel Greg Gadson, and he'll be speaking at the upcoming Navy Ball in Billings.

He was brought in as the special guest of another great veteran who will be performing at the event- Sailor Jerri. Do you remember the viral video of a young lady singing a re-make of the song Hallelujah, and turning it into a tribute to military service members and their families? That's Sailor Jerri, and she'll be performing at the Navy Ball in Billings.


Act fast and get your tickets through the contact info below, as they need to get a head count for the banquet. You can also check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

Courtesy Shannon Daniels


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