Traffic in Billings seems to be getting a little more busy. Drive times are getting more congested and traffic lights never seem to be in one's favor.

Whether I am coming into work or heading home, it seems to be a chore either way I go.

Lately I have been dealing with the issue of stoplights that want to turn red on me for no apparent reason. I understand that they may be on a scheduled timer and if so, no matter what I do I manage to hit them at the most difficult times.

Coming into Billings I seem to catch a ton of red lights on 1st. Heading out of downtown, I tend to catch a bunch of them on Main St.

It really makes a person feel like they are stuck when this happens, especially when you are sitting on red and there is no cross traffic.

All in all, I feel like I might as well be stuck in a mud puddle or snow drift when this happens. It about the same type of thing to me.

Just out of curiosity, what's the strangest thing you have ever been stuck in?