I thought I would help spread the word for my friends at Godfather's Pizza. I saw their Facebook post this morning. Due to staffing, they are temporarily closing on Mondays.

This means that they are hiring. And if you're looking for some extra cash, then maybe the pizza business is for you. Even if it's not forever.

I worked at the Godfather's locations in Great Falls and Missoula back when I started in radio. Because, when you start in broadcasting, you NEED another job or two to pay the bills.

Grandfathers Pizza in Billings MT Heights location
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And while texting back and forth with the big boss lady, I learned something.

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I knew that they haven't had their famous buffet since COVID-19 hit. But that's not their decision. That call was made from upstairs.

Godfathers Corporate says they're "not supporting a buffet offering due to supply issues, outrageous food costs, and sanitation concerns." Which is too bad, because their buffet is very popular.

But the closed buffet doesn't affect me because I go there for one thing and one thing only. Godfathers has the best taco pizza in town (I know them are fighting words to some of you). But I like theirs the best. I get mine with the thin crust topped with some sour cream.

I just made myself hungry. Now, back to the point. They are looking for help.

Jack, the manager, has been with the company for more than 30 years and is a good guy to work for. And he was also one of my neighbors back in Great Falls.

Now the bad news. You can't apply online. You have to actually drive your butt to the restaurant. They are at 905 Main Street in the heights. And every applicant gets an interview.

They are also a Montana-owned and operated company.

Give them a call at 406-252-0865.

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