Have you been stuck at a train crossing downtown Billings and Mother Nature was calling? She is calling on both lines 1 and 2. Quickly approaching the intersection, there were only a few options, get out of line and make a U-turn to haul ass around the train to find an underpass or sit there and wait it out. I decided to be calm and wait. It shouldn't be so bad, right? Wrong?!!

The BNSF (Burlington Northern& Santa Fe) Railway started to slow down, the exact opposite of what I thought it should be doing. About eight minutes later, watching tankers and logging cars pass by with amazing graffiti fit for several calendars, the train was speeding up a little and I could see end.

At last my wait was near. The train is gone and the red and white barricades are coming up. Wait, no one is moving, the red and whites barricades are coming back down, what's going on? To my amazement, another full-size FerroSur Railway (The Ferrocarril del Sureste Railway out of Mexico) is coming from the other direction. Mother Nature did not like me that day as this train from Mexico felt like it was wrapped around the world and would never end.

The graffiti artists from down south have a wicked eye compared with the basic tags on the BNSF railway. It is too bad I didn't get more pictures of the graffiti. It was amazing to see the art that is so illegal, yet, so cool to see. As this double-train wait comes to an end, I am glad I was able to see graffiti from another part of this country and get home and use the restroom.

Good things come to those who wait or something!!