"What the heck are they building out there?"

"Just how big is that store going to be?!"

Everyone's questions were answered last Saturday at Scheel's grand opening of their new store here in Billings out at the Shiloh Crossing. In fact calling it a Grand Opening doesn't even do the early morning party justice.

Scheels knows how to keep their customers happy. Between live music, The Green Man group, free coffee and food, and a ton of giveaways, Scheels made sure everyone was having a great time. All of us from Townsquare Media were on hand saturday morning to join in the festivities to capture all of the fun and excitement. Check out our photos and videos below.

The Green Man Group
The Green Man Group from Utah Valley University came to town to celebrate the grand opening and perform their highly skilled drum routines. In between their performances they could be seen interacting and entertaining the crowd, and enjoying the other live musical performances. Check out more of the Green Man Group here.

The Line!
This is no joke, the first person in line for the grand opening arrived on Friday at 4:30 pm! More showed up later on Friday evening and by the time the first of our staff started arriving at 4:00 am there were already a handful of folks waiting in line!

The doors didn't open until 9:00 am, people got in line all morning long. When they finally let people inside at 09:00 am, it took 17 minutes to get everyone who was in line, into the store! Don't believe me? Check out this video! Don't worry it's not 17 minutes long.

But can you really blame them? This store is awesome!


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