Dylan Ayer, TSM

I agree that not all new rock is good.  We don't disagree on that.  The Pub Station is pulling in some great new rock this summer.  A lot of these are up and coming bands, they get minimal spins on active rock radio.  A lot of the guys have been touring non stop for a year or better.

It's important to me, to support new rock.  Because the last thing this world needs is another pop artist.  Nancing around on stage, riding wrecking balls and what not. See both these bands this month at the Pub Station.

Otherwise puts on a great show, they sound just like the record.  The power behind their vocalist, is unmatched.  And then there's Texas Hippie Coalition...

This vocalist is large and in charge.  He is who he is, won't apologize for it, or change for anyone.  Who says you have to have a six-pack to be a rockstar?  These boys are more in the room than most musicians.  I prefer big guys with long hair and beards, anyway.


  • 1

    Otherwise Darker Side Of The Moon

  • 2

    Otherwise - Soldiers

  • 3

    Texas Hippie Coalition - Turn It Up

  • 4

    Texas Hippie Coalition - Rise