Gregg Allman's getting ready to put out a new solo record — and entertaining the possibility of a reunion tour with the Allman Brothers Band.

Allman opened up about both topics during a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, cautiously confirming earlier rumors that the band could return to action after calling it quits with a farewell show in 2014. "Been talkin’ about it recently. Not ‘starting’ – but having a tour," he admitted. "We’ve been talking about it. Major city tour. Been talkin’ about it, now let’s get that straight. Nothing signed in blood yet."

Allman also discussed his bout with pneumonia, which he said he's still fighting off. "You don’t want to catch that," he warned, describing himself as "not quite over" the illness. "They gave me a bronchoscopy – I had eight of them. That’s where they have a little tiny thing that’s a combination light/camera/vacuum cleaner. First, they put you out. They go down and between your two vocal cords, into your lung, and suck all that stuff out of there. I had a little talk to the surgeon before we started, and I said ‘Listen now. I’m a singer.’ And he said ‘I know, I bought your records.’"

Neither ill health nor Allman Brothers reunion talks should keep Allman from releasing his next solo effort, which he says is on target for a 2017 release. "It’s about some kick-ass music," he laughed, saying the whole record was cut in "less than two weeks" and admiringly describing producer Don Was as "open-minded and really intelligent." Of the end result, he promised, "There’s some good ballads on there, some good shake-your-booties. It’s really good."

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