Are you a food snob.. Come on, you know if you are or not.  I would say no.  I love food all food.  Even the strange stuff like wasabi, frog legs, Sriracha, and gizzards.

The Thrillest went state by state to figure out the grossest thing that people eat in each state.  Here in Montana it's Rocky Mountain Oysters.  Who doesn't like any deep fried!?

In Delaware they enjoy something called Slippery Dumplings?  In Louisiana they chow on Nutria, do you know what that is?  Don't let anyone ever tell you that Rocky Mountain Oysters are gross because Nutria is rat, yes, rat.  Try eating what's best described as a large, semi-aquatic river rat.

You can see the full list of gross things that every state eats by clicking the Thrillest link in the blog above.  I think the rat is the winner as far as gross goes.  You win Louisiana, you win!  Keep them!




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