I can't guarantee that what I'm going to tell you is true or not. After all, I saw this post on Facebook: An image in a post said that between 1979 and 1992 Ol Bocephus put out 27 albums. Which is about an album every eight months. And every one of them sold at least half of a million copies.

Nowadays it's usually close to a year for most artists to put out their next album.

So since he's coming to town, I thought to do an article on him, Hank Williams Jr.

Hank has sold seventy million albums worldwide in his career. And I've sat down and listened to most of them. His album called "Habits Old & New" was a personal favorite of mine. It had some classic, extremely country-sounding songs on it.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

"Kaw-Liga" and "Old Habits" got some sparse airplay. But I really liked "Dinosaur", "The American Way" and "If You Don't Like Hank Williams".

This album also contained "The Blues Man" which Hank Jr wrote and was later a hit for Alan Jackson.

I've only seen him in concert once. It was in Missoula in about 1985. And the Band Southern Pacific opened the show. An extremely loud show. Complete with Hank demonstrating the proper operation of his lever-action rifle while standing on his keyboards.

I know that a lot of folks who don't listen to country music probably first heard about him in connection with the controversy at ESPN when they stopped using his song for their football telecasts -- all due to a political opinion that he had given during an interview.

That wasn't the only time that happened either.

And that was just the beginning of a change in direction for that network.

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