Most of us have been there. Hung over, can't remember what happened the night before and wishing you would just die from the pain. It sucks. How about waking up in a jail cell that way? Ugh.

Although I have never been arrested, I have experienced everything I just said. I knew my limits. When I approached them, I made sure I had a plan which is the responsible thing to do. It usually consisted of a sober, legal driver to take me home. I've even walked home a time or two. However, I would never have one of my young kids drive me back. That's just plain ridiculous.

This guy did though!

Police say an Ohio man was drunk when he had his 9-year-old neighbor drive him to a gas station to buy barbecue sauce for their chicken dinner.

A Tiffin police spokesman said that the boy drove the man to the gas station Saturday evening, but clerks wouldn't let the child drive home and reported the situation. Police say the 27-year-old man tried to drive home and was pulled over by officers.

Cops say man's blood-alcohol content was several times the legal limit. They say he faces several charges, including child endangering, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, refusing a chemical breath test and driving under suspension.

Police say the man had the child over for dinner, and the boy's parents didn't know the neighbor was drunk.

Wow. Right?

I have done some pretty crazy things while drinking but that is beyond my comfort zone.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done while drunk? Do you remember? Holla on the Cat Line at 406-248-5665.