Who doesn't love going to the movies? Yes, in years past, the pricing has gotten relatively high... however if you want to see the latest hit movie on the big screen, you'll go. Now, AMC has announced a new program changing how ticket pricing works.

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What's New?

Now, at AMC, its "Sightline at AMC" program. AMC claims this is a "value-based program that provides moviegoers with multiple seating options to meet their viewing preferences".

This means that now, if you reserve a seat in their "Value Sightline Section" the ticket pricing is cheaper, vs the best seats in the house.

In total, there are three new seat-pricing options.

  • Standard Sightline
    • Seats are the most common in auditoriums and are available for the traditional cost of a ticket.
  • Value Sightline
    • Seats in the front row of the auditorium, as well as select ADA seats in each auditorium, are available at a lower price than standard seats.
  • Preferred Sightline
    • Seats are in the middle of the auditorium and are priced at a premium.

Has this happened in Billings?

Not yet it seems. You can pick your seat ahead of time, but they are classified as classic seats. When will this take effect in Billings? Time will tell. AMC said they expect to provide a detailed seating map outlining all seating options during the ticket purchase process online, in their app, and at the box office.

What are your thoughts on this new charge-by-seat location change? For myself, this is one of those "cool, I can save money" ideas or "splurge for the better seat" ideas. Tell us your thoughts in AppChat or on Facebook!

(Source: AMC Theaters)

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