So, I'm scrolling through our app yesterday and happened upon Michael Foth's article about the most expensive house on the market in Billings. And if I had "Foth Dream Money," I'd be shopping for mansions too.

But, I thought about what's available on the low end. I myself am probably going to downsize sometime in the next few years. But first I will need a rummage sale of epic proportions.

I don't know if this is the absolute cheapest home for sale in town, but if it isn't then, it's got to be the second cheapest one. $40,000. And there is a carport included. If you're not overloaded with belongings like I am, this could work.

So, if I did my math right, you could buy the mansion that Foth found for $2.79M or buy sixty-nine houses like this place. That's something to think about.

For me, this particular home wouldn't quite accommodate my parking needs, and selling vehicles is just not an option.

I bought my first house in the Heights in 1993 for $ 68,300. Zillow lists it today at $251,700. Hmm. Maybe I should have stayed there. It was paid off. It was a great neighborhood. It was only 1200 square feet. What was I thinking when I moved? Oh, that's right. It had something to do with a woman.

So, when it's time to get rid of my current place, I'll probably get something that costs more than $40,000. But the location will be a big part of the selection process. I need views of sunrises and sunsets.

When I move next time, I'll be calling a moving company. All of my friends tell me that they have helped me move for the last time. Also, most of my stuff is heavy, so next move is my own.

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