Just about everybody loves chili. And everybody makes their chili a little bit differently. Beans vs. no beans. Tomatoes vs. tomato free. Super spicy or nice and mild. Most incorporate beef in the recipe, but there are some pretty amazing chicken chili's out there. I've even had some decent wild game chili.  Pork green chili, extremely popular in Colorado and New Mexico, is becoming easier to find in Montana restaurants. From spicy, thick and chunky chili to savory, soupier chili, there is a chili for everyone.

If you make a mean pot of chili, or if you just love to eat it, the place to be this Saturday (10/12) is the High Horse Saloon for the Chili Cook Off.  The event runs from 1 - 5 PM. Entry fee is $25 for cook-off participants. Admission fee for chili tasting is $5. All proceeds from door admission goes to help Tumbleweed. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Find additional details and a link to download the entry form HERE.

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