Bathing suits, water sports, boating, warmer weather — who doesn't enjoy the summertime? It's one of the best times of year and there's a lot of things you can do to prepare for its arrival, like getting a laser treatment to help smooth skin and prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. With the help of our friends from Montana Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we've compiled this list of everything you need to know about getting your skin summer ready.

Wear sunscreen

Remember that your skin is your biggest organ and it needs to be protected, so make sure you wear sunscreen! Smooth skin after laser hair removal allows for better application of sunscreen.

Will laser treatments hurt?

Maybe! Depending on the area being treated, there are different techniques that can offer some distraction from any possible pain.

Where should I go to get laser hair removal?

You want a knowledgeable, highly trained professional like the ones at Montana Medical Aesthetics Clinic. Give them a call today at 406-969-6622 to schedule a consultation.

What else do I need to know?

When it comes to laser treatments, you should plan on getting multiple treatments. Also, medications can have an effect on the way the lasers react with your skin, so let your provider know if you're currently taking anything, especially if it's for acne.

Forget tweezing and waxing; laser hair removal can eliminate or reduce hair growth on your upper lip, between the brows and chin. Montana Medical Aesthetics' experienced laser tech have treated all areas on both men and women. You can lose the razor and get the same sleek, soft look as a fresh shave with laser hair removal. Best of all, the results are permanent after several treatments!

Schedule your consultation with Montana Medical Aesthetics Clinic today by giving them a call at 406-969-6622 or visit them online to learn more about how they can make your skin ready for the summer season!

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