101 today(Wednesday), 98 tomorrow and Friday, 100+ Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  How are suppose to stay cool during a heatwave when you don't have air conditioning?  I've got a few tips for you

10- Drink water-  It helps keep your body temperature down

9- Mix up frozen treats and smoothies

8- Get some fans-  They don't really cool your house but they do move air around

7- Put some wet washcloths and even a sheet in the fridge for bed time

6- Whole house fan-  It will suck out the hot air

5- Keep the blinds/curtains closed or put foil over the windows

4- You can actually buy a cooling pillow called a Chillow

3- Placing a cool washcloth on the back of your neck or wrists, it helps cool you down

2- Take a few cool showers

1- Get naked!?  I know, but you can get out of the shower, go relax in front of a fan for a little while.  I DON"T recommend this one while you are at a strangers houses.


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