All my life I have had big dogs, German Shepherds, Irish Setter, (the stupidest dog I ever had). OOtah was really cool. He was a Husky Malamute and he was BIG. He was my brother's dog and my kids rode him like a horse when they were young.

He loved it as much as they did. Mutts, I have had many. King (a great snake catcher), Sassy (was a jumper) and my brother's dogs as well, Jack and Pepper, just to name a few. But they were all big dogs.

Then we got Lena, a Toy Fox Terrier.Man, oh, man, what a treat. Lena has taken the place of my kids now that they have grown up and moved on.

Never thought I would like a little ankle biter but if you have never owned one you should give it a try.

Ain't Life Grand!

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