Every time I'm at my kids school, I love looking at the "artwork" drawn by the kids, hung proudly on the walls of the hallways. Usually, it's cute kid stuff. But sometimes I see pieces that catch my eye. Some are downright disturbing. Like the picture above, spotted while attending my kids Christmas program earlier this week.

The series was titled "I Am Not A Turkey" and the kids in the class had drawn turkeys. Most of them fairly normal looking renditions of a turkey. But what in the 666 devil-child is going on with this turkey? I honestly find kids artwork kind of fascinating. And I'd love to meet the kid that drew this. I imagine he/she likes fast cars, loud music and risky behavior.

If your kid has drawn some weird stuff, I'd love to see it. Share it with us in the Comments or upload a pic from the Hawk Mobile App.


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