Some of my friends who like rock music over country music (which they still call country and WESTERN to irritate me) are upset that Dolly Parton is possibly going to get into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. She's currently in fourth place behind Duran Duran, Eminem, Pat Benatar, and just ahead of the Eurythmics in the fan balloting. And they induct 5 acts every year.

One quick observation. Out of the top five, Dolly is the only one who uses her real name. Duran Duran took their band's name from the villain in the movie "Barbarella". Eminem is actually a gentleman named Marshall Mathers. Pat Benatar was born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski. And the Eurythmics are Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox.

On her albums, Dolly would occasionally cover a well-known rock song, and did some pretty respectable "covers".

She rocked "Great Balls OF Fire" from Jerry Lee Lewis. And I thought her version of Bon Jovi's "Lay Your Hands On Me" was pretty well done too.

But I also heard a couple of "clunkers". R.E.O Speedwagons "Time For Me To Fly" was another. I'm sure that most had not imagined that song being a bluegrass ditty. And "Just When I Needed You Most" by Randy Van Warmer is just something that I never need to hear again.

So if we're going to vote Dolly in, then we'd better vote Glen Campbell in too. His resume includes singing, songwriting, being underrated as a guitar player while playing guitar on hundreds of radio hits when he was part of the A-Team in California.

He sold more albums than most of his peers in the sixties and seventies. He won CMA's, ACM's, Grammys, and even a Dove award. He was in films. And he had a highly rated television show. He even hosted the Los Angeles Open Golf Tournament for a dozen years.

But sometimes the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame doesn't ask me what I think.

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