Iron Maiden have a new album and a new plane, but some things haven't changed on the band's current world tour, including guitarist Janick Gers' fancy footwork.

As you can see in the fan-shot footage above, Maiden's recent appearance at the Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Brazil, found Gers treating the audience to his usual animated performance style, moving around and spinning his guitar in the midst of the music. As Blabbermouth notes, Gers' contributions to the stage show have been hotly debated among Maiden fans over the years.

Radio, television and podcast host Eddie Trunk spoke out against Gers' dancing in 2009, writing that "nobody can figure out why the band tolerates Janick Gers' performance style" and adding, "Don't know the man and I hear he is a nice guy, but he behaves like he is auditioning for Dancing With the Stars onstage and not playing guitar in Maiden. Not even sure what he is doing. Cannot possibly be turned up in the mix much of the time. I know so many that have said the same thing. ... I love some of the things he has written with Maiden and I'm not for a minute saying he should be out of the band, but someone dancing and spinning his guitar just seems so out of place in Maiden."

As far as others are concerned, Gers is entitled to do whatever he likes, and has been a vital component of the band ever since he stepped in for a departed Adrian Smith during the recording of 1990's No Prayer for the Dying LP. The rest of the band evidently agrees, as Gers remained a part of the lineup even after Smith returned in 1999, giving the group a triple-guitar attack with Smith, Gers and Dave Murray. "Obviously we didn't quite know what would happened until we actually started playing, but Dave, Janick and I get on very well as people," Smith told after his return. "We call ourselves 'the three amigos.'"

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