I have been following all of the hub-bub in the news and on social media about vaping and the dangers as well as the sale of guns and in some cases (Walmart) the choice to stop selling guns. In many of the comments on social media, I see people posting that it is our right to make the choice to vape, smoke, drink and own guns, and then in another comment, I see that it is a privilege to do those things.  Which is it?  Is it our right as humans to make our own choices?  Is it a privilege as an American to have those choices?

According to one site, privilege, in a nutshell, is entitlement granted by a body of authority to a certain group, and right is an entitlement automatically given to all  from the moment of birth. I'm guessing that which is which will be discussed and disagreed upon for many decades to come, a lot like the old discussion of which came first the chicken or the egg.

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