For years now the airlines private lounges always seemed to me to be a hidden society where weary travelers get waited on hand and foot. For $450 per year the Delta Sky Club, according to their website offers:

-Fully stocked bars with a complete selection of soft drinks, beers, wines and premium spirits sure to hit the spot
-Tasty snacks like cheese and crackers, dried fruit, hummus and raw veggies served all day long.
-Complimentary Wi-Fi for connecting with friends or checking email.
-Satellite TV with all the favorites from 18 satellite networks.

For the first time in my life I finally broke down and bought a day pass on my way back to Billings when I connected in Salt Lake City. They give exactly what they advertise. The chairs are comfy but not exactly spa-like and the unlimited free drinks are great. The snacks are pretty blah though and if you want a real meal you'll have to spend more outside of the lounge to get it. While there is "satellite TV" there are only a few of them and you have to share them with everyone else. There is Wi-Fi but that is also available for free at most airports.

I personally spent $29 because I have a Delta Sky Miles Amex card but for everyone else a day pass is $50. Unless you're going to hammer free drinks for a few hours, the free Wi-Fi, slightly comfier chairs and snacks aren't worth the price... especially if you plan on eating a real meal outside of the Sky Club. On the other hand, if you travel 2 or 3 times per month then with the annual fee each visit would average $10-15 and at that point it becomes a decent value. So unless you are a regular business traveler, the Sky Club (while nice) isn't the mystical, magical world where you're pampered as if you were staying at Chico Hot Springs. If that's what you're looking for, save your money.

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