We don't have to wait for Halloween to get some good scares with spiders lately around Billings. This beauty was chillin' on my motorcycle cover. I know this one is harmless, but it was huge and it made me jump.

When they're outside, I generally try to let most of these eight-legged creatures be. They eat bad bugs and I figure If they don't bother me, I won't bother them. It's when they start getting in the house and my wife stars freaking out about them is when it becomes an issue.  And it's become an issue.

I've been researching some spider removing pros and cons:

  • Do it yourself and bug bomb the heck out of your house. This will eliminate any living creature, so make sure you get the cats out first.  And the kids. Amazon's got one of these bad boys that claims it will "keep killing pest for up to six weeks". Might wanna brush up on some of the EPAs tips first and wash all of your dishes afterwords. Fun.
  • Go natural with various oils and plants. There are tons of natural things that allege to have spider repelling powers, from vinegar to garlic. I love the idea of being chemical-free, but I honestly haven't really tried rubbing lemon juice around my window sills to rid the house of spiders and I have some doubts of the effectiveness.
  • Go to the hardware store and get some of that stuff you spray around the perimeter of your house and windows. I have a buddy who swears by it. This is probably the option I'm going to choose. It seems like a good compromise and is somewhat safer for my pets and kids.
  • Hire a local pro. Many local yard care companies can also offer great advice on preventing spiders from getting in your house in the first place. If it's too late and the creepy little spiders have already invaded your space, there are some great pest controls companies in town that can make them disappear.

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