Hollywood has been cranking out remakes of some of our favorite movies lately. It feels that any popular movie that is between 30 and 40 years old, is now being remade. In fact, we recently learned that "A Never Ending Story" is turning 40 and in the process of rebooting the story or remaking the original.

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The original "Road House" movie was released 35 years ago, starring Patrick Swayze as Elwood Dalton. In the 1989 movie, Dalton is a graduate of New York University and a well-known bouncer in New York City.

Now Amazon Prime has finally released the highly anticipated remake of the cult classic. I was more than excited to watch the new movie, after discovering last Spring that the new movie was going to include Missoula, Montana in the storyline.

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In March of 2023, spoilers were leaked about the upcoming remake. Barstool Sports posted behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the new movie. The footage shows that Elwood Dalton's character is a MMA fighter from Missoula, Montana.

When I sat down to watch the new movie, I was anticipating seeing the scene from the leaked footage. I couldn't wait to hear the announcer say "FIGHTING OUT OF MISSOULA, MONTANA!"

SPOILER: We never hear a reference to Missoula in any of the MMA scenes.

Instead, we get an entire scene where Dalton briefly explains his origin story. Talking about how he is "from Montana." Only to elaborate and go on to say "A little town called Missoula."

I about fell out of my chair. To think that Missoula is such a cool place that they wrote it into the script for an Oscar-award-winning actor like Jake Gyllenhaal.

I honestly feel like they did a fantastic job with this remake. The campy humor was still there. But, the cinematography of the new film was cool. It allows people to immerse themselves in the story and, in some scenes, actually be in the fight.

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