The self-checkout area of Walmart has been having a turbulent time lately. Theft is running rampant in Walmart stores across the country. Viral videos keep surfacing of customers abusing self-checkouts by ringing up cheaper items for more expensive items. For example, one video I witnessed recently showed a young mother holding a pack of Kool-Aid up against a box of diapers. When she scanned the box, the self-checkout only rang her up for the Kool-Aid. Or, in the following example, a woman tried to scan a TV and ring it in as a tomato. See how good it worked out.

@viraltvnetwork Girl gone viral for scanning TV as a tomato at Walmart 😅 clip cr @TOTSIONNA #walmart #tv #chicago #retail #caughtoncamera #tomato #foryou ♬ A mysterious scene of the near future like Blade Runner(994826) - The Structures

Now, it seems the customers are not the only ones who are stealing. Walmart may have stolen your money, if you have used one of their self-checkouts recently.

According to Reuters

Walmart suffered a technical glitch on March 19 that prevented price data from flowing to self-checkout kiosks at 1,600 stores. The issue lasted for days and resulted in the company overcharging customers on thousands of items including food, clothes and appliances.

Out of the 14 Walmart locations in Montana, there is a chance you may have been overcharged. Walmart has since fixed the "glitch" and is working towards improving the self-checkouts.


Trust in these self-checkouts is beginning to fall. Walmart recently settled a class action lawsuit for $45 million that alleged Walmart self-checkout scales were overcharging people for produce and meat. Claiming items were much heavier than they were.

If you shopped at Walmart in March and feel overcharged, Walmart says that they are sifting through the transactions and refunding those affected.

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