Careful what you wish for.

There are a lot of people out there who will give someone a puppy for Christmas. It may be great the day you get it or a hit while everyone is there for the holidays, but after that, the work starts.

Puppies are like having a newborn. If you're not prepared for all the work that goes into raising one, then those furry babies end up at the shelters. They are a lot of work and if they are the child's responsibility there's no way they can handle it. Plus most of the family is gone all day during the week.

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I see this at Easter time too when people give baby chicks to kids to take care of. Bad move. My daughter bought a puppy one time while in college because it was soooo cute. After two days she realized she made a mistake and tried to take it back. That was a no-go. So she sold it for half of what she paid for it.

The bad part was she put it on the credit card I gave her for college stuff. That was the end of the credit card. Plus when she sold it she kept the cash.

The whole point of the story is animals are time-consuming and require patience and attention just like a child, and if someone can't fill that need then don't even consider it. The animal deserves better. That's why my next dog is probably going to be a one-year-old or greater. The puppy phase will be over and you can concentrate on the training.

"I know, Dad... but he is soooooo cute!"

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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