So here is the question of the day, let me set it up for you:

The Dixie Chicks have announced a new tour for this year, it's their first outing since 2017 and the first show since releasing their Gaslighter album. The group is planning a 27-city tour in North America starting in June and running through August.

Since then they really haven't done much except change their name to just The Chicks. The backlash from the comments they made about then-President Bush had a huge impact on their success.

So, would you still go see them?

Does character matter to you when it comes to entertainment? After all, there have been many with indiscretions.

Do you watch football teams that have done things politically you don't agree with, or have someone on the team that has abused drugs, beaten a woman, etc.? What about movies?

If that actress or actor is an activist that goes against your principles will you still watch?

Look at people like Tiger Woods, Garth Brooks, etc. We all know about them.

Pick any sport you want and you'll find people who are not exactly model citizens.

Pick any musical group you want and you can probably find something.

Look at when Pearl Jam was in Missoula and Jon Tester was on stage with the picture of The White House burning and president Trump's carcass was being eaten. He wasn't exactly a prince either; and Joe Biden with his sexual allegations against him, did that matter?

If you look long enough you can probably find something in everyone's closet.

But I think that The Chicks shows will sell out; they really were talented.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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