I'm sitting here this morning trying to figure out which state in America is so far gone there's no hope of saving them.

It has to be California.

I've always said that they put the border on the wrong side -- it should be on the North side.

California's Goofy Newsome signed a bill that will provide people with an alternative burial method to turn the bodies of their loved ones into compost -- yes, compost! -- to cut down on carbon emissions and stop the seas from rising.

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By 2027, when someone dies you'll have the choice to put their body into a steel vessel, then they add wood chips, alfalfa, and other biodegradable material according to the Los Angeles Times. In about 40 days it's ready for your garden or yard or you can donate the compost to conservation lands.

What about bones and teeth in all this? According to Recompose, a company that does this service, says:

The human composting process breaks down bones and teeth through a combination of microbial and mechanical means.

Democrats who pushed the bill said cremation is an energy-intensive process and this new option could save a metric ton of carbon for every body composted instead of cremated. Although this process is more expensive running around $5,000-7,000, it's better for the planet. Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Vermont also allow it.

Notice how they never want to shut down tourism or Disneyland to address "energy-intensive" processes. How much energy is used for lights in all of California's sports stadiums? Those growing lights in the pot greenhouses use a ton of power each day too. But the process of you getting cremated has to stop.

What would all the rich and famous say if they knew the grapes they were drinking were fertilized by dead bodies? Try the vintage year 2022 LaCorpse; it's so smooth.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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