Ya but think of all the tax dollars. We hear it all the time when pro-drug users talk about all the "benefits" of legalized drugs.

Well guess what, Oregon's experiment with legalizing all their drugs has backfired and now they have a real mess on their table, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Since our western neighbor Oregon implemented the decriminalization of almost all drugs in 2020, claiming that the tax revenue will take care of everything. The Associated Press printed:

...Oregon still has among the highest addiction rates in the country. Fatal overdoses have increased almost 20% over the previous year, with over a thousand dead. Over half of addiction treatment programs in the state lack capacity to meet demand because they don’t have enough staffing and funding, according to testimony before lawmakers.

Steve Allen who is the behavioral health director of Oregon's Health Authority said that they are off to a rocky start. Ya, I'd say so.

But here we go, they have taken in almost $302 million to put toward drug facilities to help treat addicts or use drugs "more safely"...That's horrible news, that means more people are buying and using more drugs than ever. Who would want that? These idiots that's who.

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Over half of the state's addiction treatment programs can't keep up with the demand. Out of the 16,000 people who called their addict hotline only 0.85 percent wanted info on addiction treatment, the AP wrote.

One expert told lawmakers we're doomed. Keith Humphreys, addiction researcher, and professor at Stanford University, said if there is no formal or informal pressure on people to seek treatment and STOP using drugs, then expect high rates of addictions, drug use, and even deaths. That's true but just think of all the great things from the tax revenue. Plus all the morgues are having a great year...

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