Pay attention folks to your judges and your supreme court, these people are legislating from the bench pure and simple.

Judge Moses from Montana stopped our legally-passed voter registration law and the Montana supreme court upheld it. The law is absolutely 100 percent NON - discriminatory. The law gives absolutely zero advantage to any group. The law does not allow voter registration on election day... For anyone.

And the law allows voter registration for 364 days for everyone. It doesn't matter what color you are, nationality age, sexual orientation, religion, or party affiliation nothing. It's exactly the same for EVERYONE, period.

Rules are rules laws are laws and they apply to everyone equally if anything they are trying to give certain groups of people a registration advantage which WOULD be wrong.. ... We all have to be the same age to drive. We all have to be the same age to drink and the legislature made those rules. There are no exceptions for different nationalities or age groups or college students.

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They also made the rules that we all register 364 days prior to the election and election day is for voting. That's about as simple and plain as you can get. So why is the motive of these judges to take those rights away from the states that are clearly defined in the constitution?

Just look at their past rulings and political affiliations and I think you'll know the real reason pure and simple

Pay attention to these judges they have a bigger impact on you than you think.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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