Let's talk sports today.

The players have just started arriving in the warm climates around the country for spring training. You folks know I'm a traditionalist and I'm practical with a little bit of common sense thrown in. So what's the purpose of adding three inches to the MLB's base size? Just for reducing injuries? I don't get it, an athlete's average foot size has grown since 1900 so it's easier to reach it.

I get the pitch clock but will it be enforced? The dumbest new rule is that a pitcher can only throw over to first in a pick-off attempt twice. Once a runner knows that he's going to take a 40-foot lead. Oh well, that's progress.

Another one I don't get is why we still have challenge games in Montana. You spend all year determining who the best team in the conference is then we have a tournament to decide who the best team in the conference is. In the end, if a team didn't have a chance to play the top teams, then they can challenge.

We constantly hear about strained budgets in our schools. Teams then have to travel again to a venue and play again when they could have just looked back at regular season records between the two. If they each won, go by point differences. There is all kind of tie-breaking scenarios that can be used.

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Another day of travel, missed school, feeding teams, etc that didn't have to happen. The incentive to do better during the season. I know baseball changes all the time and I hate it. Montana hoops won't change and they should. I guess I'm just a whiner...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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