There is no honor among thieves and if you have found yourself as one of their victims it can be a humbling experience.  We should know.  Not less than two years ago our station van was taken from right outside one of our employees residences.  Granted, it was due in no small part to negligence on our employee's part, but thieves don't care.  Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity.

Before we look at the most stolen cars so far this year in Montana it is important to remember that simple prevention can deter a good percentage of potential property crimes against you and your vehicle.  Keep your windows rolled up and your doors locked when not in use.  Do not leave valuables in plain site and never leave your purse or wallet in an unattended vehicle.  And, as our unfortunate employee found out the hard way, if you leave your vehicle unlocked and the keys in the ignition, it is a recipe for disaster.  Please, folks, take your keys inside with you.

With that being said, how do you know if you and your car are a potential target?  You might be surprised.  The most stolen vehicles this year in Montana are not exactly luxury cars.  In fact. most of them are trucks.  They are not even necessarily newer models.  We took a look at's website and we found that these are the five most stolen vehicles in Montana so far this year.  Is your car on the list?

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