We have been talking quite a bit about Airports and the Great Falls Airport to be exact.  Randy Bogden just recently was able to talk to John Faulkner who is the Airport Director for the Great Falls International Airport.

And while we've heard how it can be more expensive to fly out of the Great Falls Airport, sometimes you just have to fly out of GTF. If you are planning a trip out of Great Falls or any Montana airport soon, you should be aware of what you absolutely cannot bring on a flight with you. That goes for both carry on bags and checked bags.

We all know that after 9/11 flying has become for lack of a better word, a chore. Gone are the days you could show up minutes before your flight and just jump on a plane. Now there is a whole checklist of things you must do and not do when flying.


Some of the things you aren't allowed to bring on a flight make pretty good sense. I don't think anyone would argue that a can of gasoline on a flight is a good idea. I did find it funny a few things you can bring on a flight. For example, did you know you can bring a hot plate on a flight, but you can't bring cooking spray on the same flight.

So before your next trip, make sure to leave the following items in our gallery at home.

Don't Even Try To Bring These 19 Items On Board At A MT Airport

These items won't be allowed on your next flight, be that carry on or checked bags, so just leave them at home to be safe.

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