One thing you learn quickly when you move to the Treasure State, is people have strong opinions about Eastern Montana. The prevailing sentiment is that it is flat, boring, and just plain ugly.

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I am not going to say that Eastern Montana is better than Western Montana because I do not feel like throwing a Molotov Cocktail out there and walking away.

I will say though that people are unfairly harsh when it comes to Eastern Montana.  Sure, in certain places there might be more oil rigs than people, but there is plenty to enjoy and see as well.

Montana is so vast and large it is almost like 3 different geographical landscapes.  Granted Western Montana has the Rockies, but Eastern Montana is nothing like the "Great Plains" it gets grouped in with.  Trust me I know, I am from South Dakota, I know flat boring land.

That is what I love about this video I found on TikTok. It is sarcastically playing up the idea that Eastern Montana is "flat and boring." Something we have all heard to many times to count.  Then as the camera pans out your jaw drops at the beauty that Eastern Montana has kept secret from people who, when they think of Montana, they think of the Rocky Mountains.

So, the next time you hear someone say "Eastern Montana is ugly, why would anyone want to go there?" just pull out your phone and show them this video.


@andyaustinphoto Good to be back in the lands that made me who I am. Where should I head this week chasing fall? #easternmontana#montana#fall#ekalaka♬ Something in the orange fiddle version - Philip Bowen Music

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