Sometimes I don't get how these online lists work. Especially when there is only one Montana city that makes the top 200 best places to live in America, yet it's listed as the 12th best place to live in Montana. Come again?

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Niche has come out with the 2023 guide of best places to live in America and sadly only one Montana city has made the list, and it's probably NOT the city you'd first think of. It's not that city is bad or anything, it just probably isn't the city you would imagine outsiders would list as the best place in Montana to live.

As I mentioned earlier is becomes even more confusing when you see that they are listed as the #12 best place in Montana to live. So how can this city be considered the 12th best place in Montana to live, but also be the only Montana city to make the national list of best places to live in America?

So what Montana city are we talking about?


Yep Billings is considered the #175 best place to live in America. However when you look at the rankings of best places to live in Montana, there it is at #12. I think the big thing hurting Billings is their C- ranking for Crime and Safety. It's something we've highlighted before.

It still doesn't explain how these rankings work. It makes you wonder if they just went with the biggest city and called it a day.

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