Latest Data Shows Healthy and Robust Job Market in Montana

If you travel down any main street in any given city or town in Montana, you will undoubtedly find a sign in a business window looking for help.  It really doesn't even matter type of business it is.  Everyone seems to be hiring.

Some businesses are even closing at odd or different hours because they can't find anyone to fill the shifts that they offer.  Seems like we aren't doing so well in some cases.  But a new press release by the Govenor of Montana says otherwise.

The Numbers From 2023 Are in Actuality Very, Very Good

Govenor Greg Gianforte and Sarah Swanson, commissioner of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry have announced that Montana is setting records to close out 2023 for employment in the state.

In November alone, Montana added nearly 580 jobs with over 563,000 people employed in the state.  The labor force also grew, with over 1,400 workers in November, and a total of more than 11,000 workers added since January of 2023.

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Labor Force Growth Slightly Outpaced Growth in Total Employment in November

This is where the bad part comes in.  With labor force growth outpacing total employment, Montana did see a rise in the unemployment rate.  November was the first month in two years that saw unemployment hit 3.0% in the state.  The national average is 3.7%.

Governor Gianforte says he wants to see even more Montana's succeed and achieve the "American Dream":

More Montanans are working now than ever before, and the size of our labor force continues to set new records. These positive trends continue for hardworking Montanans and employers alike,” Gov. Gianforte said. “I firmly believe better is always possible, and we’ll continue delivering on our pro-family, pro-jobs agenda to help more Montanans thrive and achieve the American dream.

What do you think?  Are we doing better keeping our residents happy and employed?

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